Why is Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning important?

Why is Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning important?


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are assisting individuals and organizations in achieving core objectives, obtaining actionable knowledge, making strategic choices, and creating entertaining, new, and creative goods and services.


Increasing sales and earnings, cutting costs, maximizing operating performance, and so on are all examples of business priorities. Customer acquisition, retention, and development are all aspects that companies want to change.

Customers, on the other hand, have goals such as engaging with friends and family through social media, receiving reviews on movies to watch or things to purchase, being more prepared, and increasing competitiveness. Users just want to use well-designed apps that have a good user experience, that is, products that are fun, convenient to use, and understand.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning are now being used in a variety of real-world technologies to support both consumers and businesses. The following are few examples of application categories:

  • Classification and prediction
  • Systems that make suggestions
  • Appreciation
  • Vision in a monitor
  • Anomaly discovery and clustering
  • Normal phrasing (NLP, NLG, NLU)
  • Miscellaneous and hybrid (e.g., autonomous vehicles, robotics, IoT)


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