Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

We may ask you to provide some data about yourself and your interests in order to send you data and consumer service provides that are more likely to appeal to you. Your involvement is voluntary, of course. We hope you want to participate in these unique deals and possibilities, but we respect the privacy of our clients.
Copyright and other intellectual property legislation protect all data exhibited, transferred or transferred on TechQRT
TechQRT designs, updates and maintains this site separately.
TechQRT owns the content. You may not alter, publish, communicate, transfer, sell, replicate, generate derivative work from, distribute, repost, execute, display or exploit any of the content in any manner.
TechQRT disclaims all warranties or circumstances (including, without restriction implied, warranties or data and context conditions) whether stated or implied. We consider ourselves and only the courts of Lucknow, India, will be subject to the jurisdiction.
TechQRT reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel the service at any moment if the safety or adequate administration of the service is corrupted by a computer virus, bug or other technical issue.
TechQRT Values the privacy of the associated data. We do not use or reveal data about your individual visits to our website to any outside sources or any data you may provide us with, such as your name, address, email address or telephone number.
TechQRT reserves the right at any moment to refuse service.
Without your permission, TechQRT will not use your information and will provide you with the means to manage and control the information you provided. We will allow you to interact and react properly to your privacy issues.

TechQRT will not reveal any private data to advertisers and other marketing and promotional purposes that may be used to define you personally, such as your password, database, credit card number and bank account number.

It is your choice to participate
We hope you will choose to personalize your experience on the website of TechQRT Technologies and take advantage of the information and special offers you can receive by registering on our website. If you prefer not to engage, or if you believe we have inaccurate data about you or you want to alter the data we have about you (for instance, if you are relocating), please let us know by contacting us at

Information we collect
If you choose to register on our website, we may ask you to provide some data about yourself (e.g. your name, address, email address or other data) and/or your business so that we can know more about what interests you or your business and so that you and/or your business can be contacted in the future (e.g. for unique offers). A cookie is an application that enables a website to be tailored to the user’s preferences by putting a tiny file on your computer’s hard drive, monitoring the user’s navigation and storing data about it. Cookies, for instance, may enable you to avoid having to re-type your user name whenever you visit a website. This data is personally recognizable if you are recorded on the TechQRT Technologies website. If you prefer not to enable us to personalize your experience using cookies, most internet browsers have characteristics that can tell you when a cookie is sent and enable users to opt out of getting cookies. You should contact the software manufacturer or your Internet service provider if you are uncertain if your program has this capacity.
We also obtain certain data about the visits to our website by employees and non-members in order to enhance our website and react to the interests of our clients. For example, we may collect the domain name from which you access the Internet as well as other information. If you are not a registered user on the website of TechQRT, you are not personally recognized with this data. If you are a registered user, the use of cookies will identify this data.

How we collect the information
In connection with updates, offers and promotions made accessible to our clients and employees, we intend to use the data that we collect. If you are keen, we will keep you informed of unique deals on our members ‘ goods and services (for instance, we can send you an email or update your custom screen). Occasionally, we will also compile aggregate data (i.e., information that does not define any specific information that represents an individual client or member’s identity) for TechQRT’s inner use or sharing with advertisers or other third parties to assist them become more acquainted with our business and public. Because we constantly strive to provide our clients and website members with more characteristics and services, we may alter our policy on how we use your private data. We will post a notice on this website if we alter our procedures, and we will give you the capacity to “opt-out” any modifications.

When you leave the website of TechQRT
The operators of the other websites may have distinct privacy and information collection methods when you choose to explore other sites on the Internet. We suggest that you be conscious of the privacy policies of other websites that you visit as you explore the Internet. We can not ensure that any website linked to or accessible from our website protects your personal information and we can not be held responsible for other website procedures.

Contact us
You can contact us at if you want to alter or extract any of your private data.