Digital Advertising – One of the fastest growing areas in ad industry

Digital Advertising – One of the fastest growing areas in ad industry


Digital advertising is currently one of the fastest growing areas of the advertising industry in India.

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Despite the fact that this segment was small a couple of years ago, the cost of digital advertising in 2019 seemed to raise higher than other print advertising. Programmatic advertising is also a new trend in industry which has helped businesses grow by 3 times.
Programmatic advertising is an automated digital marketing strategy that boosts buying and selling of online advertisement. It is an automation technique in which effective digital advertising is done in single platform. Now a days online marketing has overtaken shop going marketing in various aspects resulting in selective approach of every person. Programmatic advertising has been consistently evolving from online ads to voice and TV.
Since this advertising is completely automated, it is based on bidding in which maximum price advertiser is programmed and generates impressions before auction. It has following steps to implement:

  1. A person clicks on the web page.
  2. The publisher raises ad impression for auction.
  3. The advertiser with the maximum bid gets to display his/her ads.
  4. An auction is held among advertisers competing for impressions.
  5. The ad is given to the deserved customer.
  6. Customer clicks on it and the advertiser converts it into sale and profit.

Benefits of programmatic advertising can be better targeting, streamlined campaign management, easily accessible to ad inventories etc. It is successful in many countries because it is efficient and profitable. It has services like optimization, attribution , audience development and media operations which can be effectively delivered by companies like TechQRT. Programmatic Digital advertising has got tremendous future because consumers are data oriented and they use information across the web to target granular audiences. It is behind social media entities like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc as of now, but soon this advertising is going to revolutionize entire globe with more expenditure in it to break every aspect of marketing in days to come.