Empower Your Marketing with TechQRT: Comprehensive Performance Marketing Solutions and More

A. Performance marketing, to start

We provide a variety of solutions under our Performance Marketing services to assist companies in reaching their marketing objectives. Among them are— Paid Search Advertising (PPC): To increase targeted traffic and conversions, we design and oversee successful pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): To raise brand awareness, interact with consumers, and improve website traffic, our team creates and implements goal-oriented social media campaigns.

Native Advertising: By integrating native advertisements into content on a variety of online channels, we assist companies in connecting with their target market.

Affiliate Marketing: By forming alliances with affiliates, we help companies set up and run affiliate marketing campaigns that provide leads and boost revenue.

Retargeting & Dynamic Remarketing: To boost conversion rates, we use retargeting techniques to reconnect with users who have expressed interest in your goods or services.

Performance-Based SEO: By optimizing websites, we raise their online presence overall, boost organic traffic, and rank higher in search results.

B. Creating Websites

Our website creation services are intended to give users outstanding experiences and support companies in building a powerful online presence. Among the services we provide are mobile-friendly and responsive websites: We design websites that are responsive to all screen sizes and devices so that users may browse them with ease.

E-Commerce Website Development: To satisfy your business needs and increase sales, we provide safe and intuitive e-commerce platforms.

Content Management Systems (CMS): We incorporate CMS programs that let companies simply maintain and update the content of their websites.

Landing Page Optimization: We optimize landing pages to boost conversions and encourage users to do particular actions, such completing a form or making a purchase. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): To maximize website traffic, we examine user behavior and put tactics into place to increase conversion rates.

Web Security & Maintenance: We put a high priority on website security by putting in place strong safeguards and providing continuing support.


C. Marketing for Politics

Additionally, TechQRT provides specific political marketing services to assist political parties and politicians in building strong relationships with their voters. Our offerings in this field consist of:

Field Survey: Surveying voters to obtain important information and insights about their preferences and viewpoints.

Social Media Command Center: keeping an eye on social media sites to analyze trends in real time and interact with the intended audience.

Communication App: Creating personalized communication apps to help political campaigns communicate internally more effectively.

Missed Call with SMS: To reach a larger audience, use SMS communication after missed call campaigns.

OBD Backed by Miss Call: To efficiently reach voters, outbound dialing (OBD) technology is used in conjunction with missed call campaigns.

Setting up conference platforms to communicate with volunteers and campaign professionals will improve cooperation.

Call Center Management: Offering complete call center management solutions to ensure effective support and communication.

Messaging: Developing campaigns with a purpose to convey messages and goals to voters in an efficient and successful manner.

VOIP Based Interactive Push: Putting interactive push notification tactics into practice in accordance with area-specific requirements and work-in-progress.

WhatsApp Push: Reaching and interacting with voters by using WhatsApp as a communication channel.

Short URL: Utilizing short URLs makes it simple to share and monitor campaign messages.

Final day Booth Management: Helping to maximize voter participation on election day by managing and maximizing resources.

All Analytics: Offering thorough analytics to assess how well various campaign strategies and activities are doing.

Television Ads: Creating and broadcasting television commercials that are specifically designed to efficiently reach the target population


D.Mobile Application Development: To produce excellent, user-friendly mobile applications, our team of knowledgeable developers makes advantage of the newest technologies and industry best practices. We offer the following mobile app development services:

Android Application Development: We have a great deal of expertise creating Android apps that are suited to your particular business needs. Our Android developers employ the most recent tools and frameworks to produce dependable and feature-rich applications. They also have extensive knowledge of the Android SDK.

IOS Development: We provide iOS app development services to companies looking to enter the iOS market. Because to the Objective-C and Swift programming languages' proficiency, our team of iOS developers can guarantee smooth integration and top performance on all iOS devices.

Hybrid Application Development: We are proficient in both native and hybrid application development. We develop cross-platform hybrid apps that function on both iOS and Android by leveraging cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Flutter. This methodology offers economic viability and expedites the cycles of development.

For all of your digital needs, including mobile application development, website development, political marketing, and performance marketing, TechQRT is your one-stop shop. We are dedicated to providing excellent solutions that maximize your potential for growth in the digital arena. We are aware that our responsibilities go beyond developing websites and managing digital marketing campaigns. At TechQRT, we're dedicated to providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions that propel their business forward in the ever-changing digital environment.