What is Digital Marketing and how to stay connected? What are the advantages of Digital Marketing in 2020?

What is Digital Marketing and how to stay connected? What are the advantages of Digital Marketing in 2020?


First of all, know what is digital marketing? As the name suggests, Digital + Marketing is called digital marketing, when we do online or digitized marketing of any product, business, etc. it is called digital marketing.  Digital marketing in Lucknow and other similar metros is very different from offline marketing. In offline marketing, it takes a lot of hard work to sell your product and the time is lost and it becomes very difficult to find out what the customer likes. This is not the case in digital marketing, it can bring more and more customers in less time. In this, we can market different products according to the interest of the customers.

There has been a lot of change in the market before and now, earlier the advertisement was only on Television, Radio etc. but now it is not so. Apart from Television, Radio, the name of Internet has also been added to marketing in today’s era. As the Internet is becoming cheaper, the public is coming online. Public on the Internet likes Social Media Apps the most. Like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube etc. all these apps are mostly used by people, Digital Marketer marketing all these apps on Email, Radio and Internet. In order to benefit from digital marketing, he has to give some time and then he can go and benefit from it. To do digital marketing, some things should have very good knowledge, such as high-speed Internet Connection, Internet must have knowledge, then digital marketing will be very easy to understand.

What is Digital Marketing?

As I have said in the above line, Digital Marketing is made by combining two words Digital + Marketing. Digital directly means online, ie Internet, and marketing means advertising. Simply put, by joining digital marketing, the companies get their products marketed online. This is much faster and spur than offline marketing. Digital Marketing prepares different types of Ad Campaigns in Digital Marketing and runs these Ads on different Social Sites, Social Apps. This is a marketing campaign in which it is seen that how much people are liking the products the company is marketing, now digital marketers analyze which products are being liked by the people. In these campaigns, it is also seen that users like which product they like and which product they buy.

Why join Digital Marketing and what are its benefits in 2020?

Why should we join Digital Marketing because the public is getting digital day by day, I mean that digital media has started using apps so that it can quickly find out about any product, in such a situation The product has to be brought online from offline and it has to be paced well, because what is sold is sold, consumer day by day, it is becoming smart, it reads its reviews before buying any product. खरीद buys the product and collects a good knowledge of that product so that when he buys that product, then he is not at fault.

Digital marketing also has many benefits such as: –

• Through Digital Marketing you can increase the value of your product or your company.
• Through online marketing, you can reach your product to the target audience.
• This is the best way to promote the product globally.
• With Digital Marketing you can double your cell.

Digital Marketing

How can I do digital marketing? How to do digital marketing

1.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO This is a process through which any website has to be placed at the top of the search engine means that when you search on Google and whatever website is appearing on the first page in it, it means that the SEO of that website Well done or you say she is following the guidelines of Website SEO.

2. Email Marketing
The company uses Email Marketing in 2 ways.
• First to interact with the company Audience through Email Marketing and to provide those new Offers, Discounts and Event Information.
• Second, whenever a company comes out with a new product or a new offer, it informs it via email. This is a great way of Email Marketing

3. Social Media Marketing
Through social media marketing, any brand is promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Pin interest, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube etc. to increase the value of that brand as well as to generate brand Awareness and lead.

4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
PPC’s way through which a digital marketer pays Google Adword every click so that his website can run online in the form of AD and whenever someone clicks on that AD, he can visit his website. This is a good medium for new business to grow.

5. Affiliate Marketing
The commisson you get from advertising a company’s product through a website blog or link is called Affiliate Marketing.

6. App Marketing
App Marketing is a platform through which marketing of any business, product etc. is done in a very good way, this method is increasing day by day. Like a big company promotes them by creating their own apps, and providing different types of offers to the customers so that the customer can do as much as possible.

7. Youtube Channel
In today’s era, YouTube has become a big platform through which the company can do its promotion on the basis of videos. People are coming on YouTube every day, in such a situation, you can use it to gain a lot of benefits.

The conclusion

I hope I have given you a good understanding of what digital marketing is. If you still have any doubt or question in your mind then feel free to ask me, I will clear you as soon as possible. What is Digital Marketing, how did you like this topic, comment me and share this post as much as possible.

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