Know Chatbots are so important in 2020

chat bot

Chatbot is a type of software agent that helps in conversation via text or audio method with a real person. Chatbots  are designed to stimulate human behaviour like a conversational partner. It is short of passing turing test as of 2019, chatbot is basically used in dialog system and natural processing systems, that makes the basis of the voice recognition system effectively used by virtual assistants e.g. google now, Microsoft cortana etc , services of which can be available on sites like TechQRT.

Although, chatbot is different from natural processing sysstem in terms of quick advancement, but without NLP’s development,  chatbot depends primarily on algorithm implementation.  Any application that relies on machine functionality to parse human speech certainly struggles with inherent complexities. However, chatbots are gradually becoming responsive and sophisticated despite this loophole. Many high- tech banking and financial organisations are integrating automated AI based solutions like chatbot for faster assistance and comfort. Pandorabots, sequel, TARS, and chatfuel  are some famous chatbots available in market. The first task of chatbot is user request analysis and extract relevant entities from it.

Threre are also social media chatbots like facebook and twitter chatbots which leverage this platform to increase sales and strengthen brands of marketers. It provides  24/7 customer service and helps to acquire customer information.

Chat Bot

Creating a chatbot is similar to creating a mobile application and requires a messaging platform for delivery. There are three types of chatbots:

  1. Scripted chatbots- it requires predetermined path to decide next step of instruction after selecting  explicit options.
  2. Intelligence chatbots- artificial intelligence is used by taking input in the form of text or voice statements. Although AI works well  in limited knowledge domain, the actual intelligence of the bot is not big.
  3. Application chatbots- in this, bots have to be graphical user interactive while performing  conversation.

Chatbot  promises to be the future of marketing as it might experiment with the ROI of a company resulting in more profits definitely.

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