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conversational marketing

Conversation marketing – 1 of the best way to attract buyers

Conversation marketing is the fastest way to attract buyers through sales funnels by the power of real time conversations. Conversation marketing is the best way to initiate real time conversation with customers and buyers. It uses intelligent chatbots like we have and targeted messaging to make an engagement with people. You can do conversation marketing in following steps:


  • Engagement-  visitors start conversation with chat rather than filling up forms that boosts  conversational rates of the company.
  • Understand- In this, company needs to respond in real time instead of some time delay  after a query to generate good lead for the business.
  • Recommend- Bots play vital role in generating leads by opting  right choice at the right time. This differentiates it from traditional inbound marketing.

Domino’s  pizza,  hubsot, hello fresh, drift etc  work on the applications of conversational marketing where  customers have an easy interaction with the company to fulfil their requirements in time bound manner. By 2020-21, conversational marketing would be a standard channel for revenue in B2B and B2C business. It will possibly replace a combination of different parts of sales and services activities. The best practices for conversational marketing  depend on  right place, keeping old marketing intact, thinking about visitors, experiment and follow-up.

With the Conversation marketing tools of TechQRT businesses can be expanded in very less time. Like if we take E-bay, it engages conversational marketing with voice search and makes it easy for shoppers worldwide to meet expectations. Strategies for successful  conversational marketing  are as follows:

  1. Let the visitor guide the conversation to comfortably  open interests and goals without your involvement.
  2. Strategically place your chatbots to make websites perform well.
  3. Prioritize chatbot before forms to get more desired output and higher conversion.
  4. Scale your conversations for better customer experience.
  5. Lead qualification strategy should be focused on your buyer persona.

Segment it by life-cycle stage (visitor, lead, marketing quality lead, sales quality lead, opportunity and customer).