digital marketing during covid 19

Digital Marketing in world During Covid-19

This is the era of Digital Marketing.

This is an era of technology and advanced techniques which helps the business men, entrepreneurs, web designers, developers, companies, etc. in many ways and ease in the growth of their enterprises. As the internet became a part of our daily lives, digital marketing in world has proved to be important for brands.
Considering 4.5 Billion internet subscribers globally, more & more businesses now focus on creating an online brand image because that’s where their customers are!
However, in the past few weeks, the outbreak has impacted our lives and multiple businesses across the world in unprecedented ways; marketing spends
and activities of many brands have been paused, including various digital marketing initiatives. Today, it’s critical for marketers to look beyond this situation and gain a long-term view of the picture before pausing their digital marketing efforts. And digitally the markets are available 24 by 7 hours globally which helps to work in free hours.
People are spending more time online now more than ever. In fact, as the corona virus pandemic places a quarter of the world’s population under lock down, internet hits have surged by 50-70%.
So, brands need to carefully define their digital marketing strategy and find newer & sensitive ways to communicate during this time.
Here are a few strategies you might find helpful for your digital marketing initiatives:
Go for Responsible Marketing: Set the right tone of your content to communicate in these difficult times.
At present, it is important for brands to establish an emotional connect with consumers, and therefore the messaging should be chosen carefully.
Create engaging paid and organic content which is meaningful and relevant in these times; for eg: many brands are changing & twisting their logos to indicate social distancing.
Your brand messaging can also highlight the importance of social distancing, staying at home to keep everybody safe, sharing helpful insights on work from home or important business tips in this crisis.
Keep your audience engaged with email marketing: It’s critical that brands keep their audience engaged but they need to avoid using bulk and automated communication at this time and position themselves strategically.
If you’re sending out emails to customers explaining how your business is addressing the crisis, then make sure the information is relevant and use the opportunity to differentiate yourself.
Ensure your customers know that you are open for business, how you’re navigating the issues and the situation won’t impact any critical deliveries. Reach out to your customers individually by sending them personalized emails, newsletters, etc.
Messaging at this time will undoubtedly play a crucial role in defining your relationship with your customers going forward.Businesses need to understand that this situation is not going to last forever and their business isn’t closing.
They need to retain their brand presence as it may be harder to recover later after losing the momentum; that’s how digital marketing works!
So stay positive and use this time to redefine your digital marketing strategies, strengthen your existing connections & build long-term trust with your audience and set yourself up for success post this crisis.
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