Influencer marketing – The Future of Marketing

Influencer marketing in India – The Future of Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing in which influencers mention products and based on recommendations, trust of potential  customers are built.

It is a mixture of traditional and new marketing tools. From this we take the concept of the celebrity endorsement and fixing it into a present day content-driven marketing campaign. It should be done in an organised and strategical manner with proper scheduling  before implementing . Influencer marketing has played a huge role in digital marketing service e.g. motorola’s  launch of the moto Z family and moto  mods by collaborating with some you tube influencers bringing in decent social impressions and a broad range of consumers.

Influencer marketing platforms come in different sizes and shapes depending upon influencers, goals and business requirements. There are five components of its platform are:

  1. Influencer recruitment- A simple efficient method to identify niche influencers who are qualified to adapt in programmes and markets.
  2. Influencer selection- search individually for influencers based on demographics, location and audience profiles using algorithmic engine.
  3. Workflow automation- It should be done in proper assignments within a fixed time for an effective influencer campaign.
  4. Analytics-  Marketers need metrics more above standard content impressions and click through rates to validate the impact of influencer marketing efforts for accountability around program investment.
  5. Optimized distribution- it determines and predicts the performance of content, social media channels and influencers before expanding distribution to audiences.
Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Conventional digital marketing no longer works only because of excessive messages and ads. Besides this, companies are engaged in making more conversions and ROI by influencer marketing. More than 55% of paid ad impressions are never seen, according to google inc. Report of 2015. It attracts new customers, drive their loyalty and maximize its revenues. so influencer marketing  campaign in addition with some automation techniques and data driven tools can be accomplished by the team of our TechQRT experts.