Multi Vendor Ecommerce

Multi Vendor Marketplace refers to an ecommerce online marketplace where buyers and sellers initiate or carry out purchases and share the same shopping cart. Ecommerce is a fantastic area to get into nowadays, it can be ecommerce B2B or B2C. TechQRT will help you create a new marketplace for you, where online customers will add vendors and products.


On the navigation panel at the top there will be various product categories and sub-categories listed, user can select a product category/sub-category from this section upon selecting a category/sub-category following will be listed:


On selecting a product category/sub-category, product listing will be displayed the listing will display following information for each listed product:

• Product Image

• Product Name

• Price

• Product Rating

• Availability

• Product Attribute (if Any)

• Add to Wish List

• Recommend to Friend


User can filter the product based on various filtering option defined in Admin section, for each category/sub-category there filters may vary User can also sort the listing based on several criteria eg:

• Newest

• Popular

• Price (Low to High)

• Price (High to Low)

• Average Rating

• Price

• Discount

• Colour

• Type

• Collection

• occasion


On selecting a product from product listing user will be navigate to product detail page The product details page will display complete details about the product:

• Product name

• Specification (Attributes)

• Product Price

• Product Images

• Product Gallery Images

• Product Description

• Product Rating

• User Reviews

• Availability

• Zoom

• Latest/Bestseller/Features Tag if available

• Discount (in % also)

From product detail page, user can add the product in cart along with number of units and size and color if available

The Cart will let user view currently selected items ready for checkout, user can add an item from product detail page each selected item will be displayed along with the quantity and price and subtotal of the cart User can select check-out to pay for their purchase the summarization of the cart functionality:

• Customers can view their all orders (Which added to the cart)

• Temporary shopping cart for guests and permanent shopping cart for customers

• Foreseen checkout procedure

• Add/Update carts in real time

• Recalculate the total value

A common footer will be available, the footer section will also have following:

• About Us

• Contact Us

• Privacy Policy

• Terms & Conditions

• Payment and Return Policy


• Social Media Icon

• Company Address

This section will provide various static help and support pages section as follow:

Help Topics

• Shipping & Delivery

• Payments & Pricing

• Returns & Refunds

• Ordering

• Managing Your Account

• Other Topics

There are various Email and SMS notifications will be sent to customers for the different operation:

• Customers will receive a notification on registration

• Customers will receive notification on newsletter subscription

• Customers will receive notification on successfully placing an order

• Customers will receive a notification on confirmation of order

• Customers will receive a notification on shipping

• Customers will receive a notification on delivery


This system will be designed and developed to have a full control over the online Shop Portal features and content the administrator panel will have modules as stated below:

• Login

• Dashboard

• Account

• Category Management

• Information/Content Page Management

• Product Management

• Order Management

• Abandon cart management

• Customer Management

• Reports

Admin will have a secure login through a separate URL, which shall not be accessible by any other user online there will be no registration
Admin will be able to change password by entering their old Password, new password and confirm password
Admin will be able to recover the password using the email address

Dashboard will show various key figures e.g.

• Total Products

• Total Categories

• Sales Statistics

• Latest Orders

My Account module of the admin panel let user to modify various parameters of the shop portal. This module will have following sections:

• Email Settings

• Shipping Cost

Admin will be able to add/edit/ delete two level of categories (Main Category and Sub-Category), depending upon the type of products the admin wish to offer for consumers like Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry etc. Admin can create a new category/sub-category with following data:

• Parent Category (None in case of main category)

• Category Name

• Published (Yes/No)

From here Admin can manage information page like, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions etc. In this section Admin can add/edit/delete page with title Following information will be associated with page:

• Manage Page Title

• Page Title (drop down)

• Description

• SEO Details

Under this section Admin can view all product data, Admin can search for a particular product to view/edit/delete Admin can also add a new product from here following information will be associated with each product:

a. General Information

• Category/Sub-Category

• Product Name


• Display Image (Single Image Upload)

• Price

• Stock Quantity

• Minimum Order Quantity

• Subtract Stock (Yes/No)

• Availability Status

• Out of Stock

• In Stock

• Product Description

• Subtract Stock

• SEO Title

• SEO Description

• Latest/Bestseller/Features Tag

b. Custom Fields

• Set Attributes

c. Attributes

• Set Attributes

d. Filters

• Set Attributes

e. Special Offer

Flat Discount (Admin can set discount start/end date and discount in % or absolute figure)

f. Product Gallery

Multiple Image Upload (Drag Drop)

Admin will have complete control over the sales. The module shall allow admin to be notified of each order received and update the status of same


Order listing will display all orders in a tabular view with following table headers:

• Order No

• Date of Order

• Product Name

• Customer Name

• Price

• Status

• Action

Admin can click on view order details on action column to know more about the order


Individual order details can be accessed from this section Admin can see following information here:

Option to change order status (order confirm, order canceled, order in progress, order dispatch, order delivered) along with notification to the customer with comment (if any)


Admin can also view any order Return, canceled requests from customers Admin can also change the status of these requests

• Track abandoned orders value v/s recovered orders value.

• Admin is notified by email when an order is recovered.

• Create unlimited email templates to be sent at intervals that you set – Intervals start from 1 hour after cart is abandoned.

• Add custom variables like Customer First Name, Customer Last name, Customer full name, Cart Link & Product Cart Information in the email template.

This module will let Admin to manage Website users and newsletter subscribers Admin can view following for each website user:

• User Information (Can Edit)

• Shipping Address

• Order History (chronological –latest first)

• Items in Wish-list

•

• Latest Order etc.

• Saved Payment Options (Credit/Debit Card etc.)

Admin can generate reports for

• Orders Report

• Sales Report

• Return Report

• Payment Reports

• List of Customers

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