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video marketing

Video marketing – Need of the hour

Video marketing is a cutting edge marketing strategy that combines related videos into your marketing campaigns. Video marketing is done using videos to promote your product or service and reach audience with a new medium.

YouTube and Facebook are popular among several media that are very successful in enhancing brands over internet. Facebook platform ‘groups’ video perfectly supports people interconnecting among themselves with similar interests. Video marketing works on the following strategies:
1. Allocating resources- It requires some decent equipments and software within scheduled time.
2. Tell your stories– how and what you want to convey through video.
3. Engage– you must make it interesting to engage your audience.
4. Keep it short and do not make it extraneous.
5. Publish your videos and embed it on your website and other social media channels.
6. Analyze by tracking metrics and stats to check its relevance.

Video marketing has several benefits like helps in connecting with audience, useful in SEO to bring traffic to your site, boosting information retention and many more. Four times as many customers prefer to watch a product video than read a description and ultimately purchase it. Customer testimonial, vlog, animated videos, video e-mails are some of the popular types of video marketing campaigns in which customers get different user experience by interacting and taking keen interest in order to make conversions.

Digital marketers create such a significant environment for customers to gain their trust and eventually leads to increased brand awareness. More than 50% of marketing professionals worldwide use it as an effective tool for the best ROI and making profits. You just need to keep some points in mind before creating videos like your target customer, marketing competition and unique value proposition of your video. It has emerged as an undisputed winner when it comes to bring your business in top-notch. At TechQRT we have a dedicated team to fulfill all the Digital Marketing needs including Video Marketing.