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Learning Management System


A Learning Management System is a product application for the organization, documentation, following, announcing, and conveyance of instructive courses, preparing projects, or learning and advancement programs.

The learning the board framework idea developed straightforwardly from e-Learning. Learning Management System is an online application where understudies can take in various subjects from Videos and PDFs.

Understudies can likewise test their insight by taking an interest in online assessments.
Herse online assessment is leading a test online to gauge the information on the members on a given point. In the former times, everyone needed to accumulate in a study hall simultaneously to take a test. With online assessment understudies can do the test on the web, voluntarily, with their own gadget, paying little heed to where they live. You just need a program and a web association.

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Top Features


  • Add/Manage Quiz

  • Play Quiz

  • Manage Quiz categories

  • Blog

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Add/Manage tutorials in form of PDF

  • Add/Manage youtube videos