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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most common technology developments in recent years. Computers would be able to mimic human intelligence in a likely fashion as a result of the technology. As a result, it opens up new possibilities for companies, as they can use AI-powered applications to simplify their business processes and activities, resulting in increased productivity and development.

At TechQRT, we believe in providing best-in-class service to our clients by designing apps that are tailored to their individual needs and maximising their return on investment by automating their company processes. Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and other AI technology are all areas of specialisation for us. We provide effective technologies that work in tandem with our clients’ business models and help them evolve in every way.

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With our Data Science Solutions and Insights Services, you can let meaningful data drive your company.

The secret to market growth is understanding your organisational data collection and using it to help target your targets. We are committed to delivering best-in-class data science expertise that drive market value as a stellar data science consultancy and analyst. We delve deeper into the raw data set using cutting-edge data processing techniques and superior reasoning to transform unstructured data into actionable market insights and build solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

Our Solutions

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Engineering
  • Decisions and Portfolio Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Personalized Customer Experience

Take Advantage of Data Science’s Exciting Benefits

We dig deep into your dispersed data to understand the health of your records, reduce uncertainty, and formulate result-oriented models to improve your business’s efficiency, regardless of the source or sophistication of the data.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics Optimization

It is critical to have the most competitive and reliable supply chain possible to remain one step ahead of the competition in today’s industry. Optimizing supply chain management connects the entire producing and shipping value chain, from research and development to materials processing to manufacture and distribution, whether you’re operating a single store or a multinational network.
Our top-tier data scientists have ample experience using an ARIMA model or a large neural network to produce accurate demand forecasts. We’ve also worked with efficient neural networks and machine learning algorithms like hierarchical clustering and multi-class help vector machines to learn about and analyse the vendors and their risks.

Enhanced Production Efficiency

Manufacturers who want to expand their market and win new clients all strive for quality growth. After all, it’s by providing an outstanding value that you can attract and keep new clients. To do so, you’ll need to map and improve production quality to keep your company going. This dedication to quality enhancement pervades any process workflow, development schedule, finished product quality, and other aspects of your manufacturing activity, allowing you to achieve a competitive advantage in the market and expand your business.
We will help you increase your low overall equipment effectiveness by diagnosing and spotting the loopholes and triggers of poor efficiency, consistency, and results as a dependable data science consultancy. Through predictive maintenance, seamless processes, and improved product efficiency, we integrate revolutionary machine learning approaches with our result-oriented models to achieve desired outcomes.

Personalized Customer Experience

Customers appreciate products that personalise their messages. Customer service that is personalised promotes customer loyalty and creates a personal bond with them. It also leads to a fast build of confidence and a sense of importance and respect for the customers. In a nutshell, tailored customer service is a winning tactic that will assist companies in improving and maintaining long-term customer relationships.
At TechQRT, we use sophisticated machine learning strategies including collective or content-based filtering to build a revenue-driving recommendation engine that can help your eCommerce store boost sales. By creating related product deals or reviews, our high-end engine will have an awesome customised user experience. Data science provides a plethora of advantages that can add value to your market, whether it’s displaying custom content on a webpage, enticing promo deals on mobile applications, or running specific email campaigns.

Improved Sales Effectiveness

Identifying the best KPIs (key performance indicators) to monitor the success of their sales and marketing departments becomes a difficult challenge for CROs and sales executives, apart from prioritising priorities and strategic sales growth. To remain ahead of the curve, CROs and sales executives must actively track the sales department’s efficiency and effectiveness, reflecting on the main areas that specifically affect the company’s short and long-term goals.
Our skilled data scientists will apply a machine learning-based incentive score that will assist the sales team in sticking to the company agenda and prioritising target setting and activities wisely. In addition, we developed an actionable machine learning model to help you communicate with your customers in a more customised way. Such a model has been expertly developed to detect attitude markers, recognise your customer’s mood or behaviour, and warn your sales team if a specific customer has had a negative experience with your brand. Our well-thought-out machine learning model will help you streamline the sales process by giving your sales and marketing teams fast and intelligent next-step suggestions.

Predictive Customer Behavior Modeling

It is critical for marketers to gain a thorough understanding of their consumers’ attitudes, desires, and needs. Predicting consumer behaviour can assist advertisers in identifying and targeting specific consumers through targeted marketing strategies designed to achieve the desired outcome. It would raise the ROIs of upselling, cross-selling, and retention promotions immediately.
Machine learning-based algorithms are used by our professional data scientists to produce accurate consumer behaviour forecasts. For example, you will quickly determine if your customer is a late payer and how they will react to pricing increases or promotional promotions using our model. Our specialists will also assist you in identifying possible churners so that you can develop your own actionable plans to mitigate the risks associated with their failure.

Comprehensive Image Analysis

Image analysis is the method of obtaining accurate and valuable information from a digital image using image processing techniques. Image recognition, on the other hand, can be as straightforward as reading barcodes or as complex as recognising people by their faces.

Our dedicated data scientists can derive useful knowledge from a multitude of photographs and videos in a matter of minutes using machine learning. Face or expression detection, automatic visual inspection, scoring, and counting are just some of the company activities that can benefit from these valuable observations or pieces of knowledge.

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