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What is Missed Call Alert Service?

Have you ever given your friend or parent a missed call either to give their question a yes, or to call them downstairs while you’re sitting in your car? Yes, that’s how easy it’s been.

The Missed Call service enables you to quickly and immediately connect to your customer base and get their contact information free of charge.

Why do you need a Missed Call Number?

India is a nation that is price conscious. If they have questions in their mind, people are hesitant to even spend 50 paises on a call. Standard 1800 numbers or 10-digit virtual numbers are missed call numbers, and allow companies to catch consumer leads without being paid like a toll-free number to allow their customers to contact them free of cost by only giving a missed call.

Missed call numbers are also very common for marketing promotions where large numbers of calls are anticipated in a very short time, e.g. Tv advertisements, ads for newspapers, etc.

missed call alert service

User Verification:

We confirm client’s mobile number in Case of Delivery, Trial access, Account enactment and so on For confirmation by SMS or Call, it cost a great deal to check. However, use miss-call administration where we just need to request that guest mistake by enlisted number and confirm it.

Request Information-

Offered miss-call from TechQRT for information request to your clients, statements to client will be as follows:

Missed-call alert for “Balance Enquiry”.
Missed-call alert for “Dues Enquiry”.
Missed-call alert for “Signup or Trial Account”.
Missed-call alert for “Activate your X service”.
Missed-call alert for “Account Status”.
Missed-call alert for “Live Score”.
Missed-call alert for “Stock Exchange Update”.

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