WE ARE BEST AT Rasa based AI Assistance

Rasa is the most advanced machine learning platform for creating AI assistants that are text- and voice-based

Conversational AI and automated natural language processing to improve customer service and operations

Conversational AI allows the company to engage with consumers in a whole new way. You can also use intelligent chatbots and a virtual agent to reshare day-to-day company activities. To build intelligent tech solutions, we use the creative features of the bot creation tool Rasa.

We have a team of chatbot engineers, AI experts, and data scientists at TechQRT who work together to create effective AI-powered solutions for our clients.


Key Features of the Rasa Framework

Chatbot Natural Language Processing

Chatbot developers will use Rasa NLU, an open-source language processing tool, to flawlessly identify, retrieve answers, and extract entities in chatbots.

Dialogue Management Driven by Machine Learning

The Rasa Core dialogue engine is used in the bot creation platform, allowing bot developers to effectively handle conversations. To construct productive dialogues, the architecture employs a machine learning model.

Many Channels & Integrations

After developing a minimum viable AI assistant, developers will automatically launch real conversations with the chatbot. Rasa makes it easy for developers to record and revisit conversations.

Powered by an Ever-Expanding Community

Rasa developers are a diverse group of software engineers and AI enthusiasts from all over the world. The open-source platform is actively being updated with new features and codes by the community.

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The Advantages of Creating a Chatbot/Virtual Assistant

Chatbots can support the company in a variety of ways, including improving customer service experience and operational performance.

Saves Time and resources.

Chatbots will save you a lot of time, especially if you work in the service industry. If you use a chatbot on your website, for example, you will get an automatic and quicker answer to questions.

Ensure the customers are happy

Customer support departments have been the most common users of chatbots, which has changed the way services are delivered. Advanced chatbots can engage with consumers in a fun and entertaining manner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Labor prices are reduced.

Using a chatbot/AI assistant instead of a human employee will help you save a lot of money. You don’t have to worry about things like worker’s compensation, maternity days, or medical insurance while you use chatbots.

Boost service efficiency by reducing mistakes.

Humans who deal with customer service and inquiries are vulnerable to making mistakes and being biassed. For chatbots, this is not the case. Based on the questions posed, chatbots will often have correct answers.

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