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What is Voice Call Service?

Voice Call services allow mobile marketers to reach their customers through optimized voice call applications with an automatic, pre-recorded, and on-point business message.

With a single click, voice calls can be delivered to the entire target audience using technical advances in cloud telephony, making the operation hassle-free for the company.

Advantage of using Voice Call Service

Voice call messaging is the most powerful promotional method, relative to the expense of standard PRs and ads, while still being the most economical alternative.

  • You get the chance to connect with the Indian diasporas that are not knowledgeable in understanding the English language.
  • It is anything but difficult to get a snappy reaction from the clients using the intuitive highlights.
  • A voice call incorporates significantly more feeling than an instant message. Along these lines, you will have the option to set a customized and all the more captivating tone for your voice messages.
  • Cash will be charged for just the calls that get associated.
  • Record your own voice for the pre-recorded voice message.
  • We offer the chance to record your voice message in our very good quality account studio.
  • Totally handset just as SIM free. Hence, you will have the option to utilize the voice message crusade independent of the portable handset or cell organization.
  • You will be able to record the continuous reaction to decide the achievement of your mission.
Voice Call Service

Use our Voice Call Service for your Next Level Marketing Campaign

Voice Call service from TechQRT for a campaign helps you to broadcast your product or service or individual information to customers online and help you generate leads. 

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